Fillings in Grays, Essex

Simply replace your decay with a filling to avoid pain

A filling is to repair a tooth that is decayed or fractured. It is a simple treatment which is completed during a single appointment. The decayed or missing portion of the tooth will be replaced with the filling.


Is it painful ?

You can have local anaesthetics to have pain free experience. The size of the filling usually will determine if you are going to require local anaesthetic which will be advised by your dentist


What are the types of filling materials?


There are three types:


1. Amalgam – This is a silver-coloured material made form metals including

silver, tin, mercury, and copper (As of 1st July 2018, this material will no longer be

used for children under 15 and pregnant or breastfeeding women).


2. Composite – A tooth-coloured white material made from resin & glass mixture

which can create a strong bond to tooth structure.


3. Glass Ionomer – A tooth-coloured white material made from powdered glass

which bonds chemically with the original tooth.


Which type is better ?

Due to the natural appearance and strength of the white fillings , they are becoming an increasingly popular choice with patients, as they are able to be colour matched, making them indistinguishable from your natural teeth. They are conservative need less removal of the tooth which preserves more tooth structure.

By the help of your dentist you can decide which material is most suitable depending on your health, your preferences and the type of cavity that needs to be repaired.

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